A new Richie system replaces walking boots and
treats a variety of lower extremity pathologies.  It's simply Better!

A new and superior system combining a carbon fiber ankle with a custom foot orthosis controls motion across the ankle joint to specifically off-load certain stuctures in the leg, ankle and foot and allow recovery from injury.  And it does it better than walking boots 9 different ways! (See below). 

Unique and Innovative Features of the Richie AeroSpring System:

Pre-fabricated carbon fiber ankle-foot orthoses have become popular in the O & P industry to treat dropfoot conditions. However, the flat footplate of these braces is normally placed under the insole or footbed of the existing footwear of the user. Many manufacturers recommend using a custom or pre-fabricated foot orthosis along with the carbon fiber AFO, yet no manufacturer provides such devices.  Until now.

Without a foot orthosis, the rigid carbon fiber footplate of the AFO is uncomfortable for user and does nothing to support and secure the foot in place.  Most dropfoot pathologies have associated foot conditions which would benefit from a foot orthosis. This includes acquired varus deformity, pressure induced skin lesions and strain of the longitudinal arch.

The “system approach” of the Richie AeroSpring combines the therapeutic effects of a custom functional foot orthosis with the lower limb stabilizing effects of a dynamic ground reaction carbon fiber ankle-foot orthosis. Depending upon the pathology treated, the foot orthosis of the Richie AeroSpring is modified with specific features to address the foot and ankle condition to augment and optimize the effects of the AFO device. In every case, the foot orthosis is designed to “marry” to the AFO device to allow the two components to function as a “system” rather than two component parts.

Until now, no manufacturer of pre-fabricated carbon fiber ankle-foot orthoses has provided or supplied a foot orthosis ( custom or pre-fabricated) to compliment the function of the AFO device. Furthermore, no manufacturer of pre-fabricated AFO devices has developed or offered a specialized design of a foot orthosis to enhance the effectiveness of the AFO to treat a specific lower extremity pathlogy.


Lightweight  Heavy
No-leg length discrepancy Significant Limb Length discrepancy
Near normal gait Significant gait disturbance
Can drive a car   Cannot drive a car
Minimal balance compromise Significant Balance Comp
Total foot support/alignment Zero foot support
Dynamic tendon loading  No dynamic tendon loading
No contact with ankle Contact/pressure at ankle
Handsome reimbursement   Minimal reimbursement



4 Pathology Specific Systems - click on each brace name to learn more:


Clinical Indications

There are three broad patient populations who would benefit from the Richie AeroSpring System:

1. The patient with diabetes

2. The active patient with sports injury Diabetic RBCF System Indications Sports Injuries

3.  The active patient with general injury


There are 2 essential components to the Richie AeroSpring System:

1. A pre-fabricated carbon fiber composite ankle-foot orthosis which contains a full length footplate, a lateral strut around the ankle and an anterior strut along the tibia.  The proximal section of the AFO contains a contoured plate with tibial relief cut out, padding and 2 adjustable anchor straps.

2. A pair of custom functional foot orthoses.  One orthosis is “married” to the footplate of the AFO brace and the other orthosis is worn in the contralateral shoe without an AFO brace.


This brace system is designed to:

 - Off load key structures in the lower leg and foot

 - Restore normal gait even with diabetic patients with forefoot amputation or Charcot deformity