Subject: Richie Brace - September 21, 2018


About 7 years ago I fell and broke my ankle in about three places; which of course required surgery. Twelve screws, and a plate later I was using a cane every day. I figured nothing further could be done. I had even asked my personal physician to prescribe a permanent handicap hanger for my car; so, I didn’t have to walk as far. I even fell again injuring my back, but still I figured what else could I do.

My wife who cares about me very much kept telling me to go to a doctor to see if anything could be done. I finally gave in and was referred to a foot, and ankle specialist. The doctor suggested that I should go see the inventor of the Richie Brace Dr. Douglas Richie.

I was very skeptical, when I thought of braces I either thought of something that is uncomfortable, or something that really isn’t strong enough to do the job. I needed something that would give real stability.

Why would this Richie Brace be any better than anything else, and if I got it would I even use it? First there is a custom mold made of the ankle by Dr. Richie, and the mold is sent to a lab where the brace would be made specifically for the patient. It is a custom Brace not just something you can buy online, or over the counter. It was going to take about two weeks.

Finally, my wife received a call that the brace had arrived, and I would need to go to Dr. Richie’s office for the fitting. They fitted the brace into my shoe; which consisted of padding for the inside of the shoe attached to a brace made up of Velcro, and plastic to hold it in place. It was a little difficult to put on at first, but when you finally get your foot, and ankle into the brace it is completely comfortable, and yes it does have the stability that you are looking for. This brace allows for all planes of movement medial lateral, back-side, front-side; while it maintains stability, it is not restricting. The thin posterior plastic shell allows optimal shoe fit; therefore, there is no reason to increase shoe size. Additionally, the padding for the shoe can be replaced; if it should wear out, Dr. Richie and his team of very qualified Doctors will check every six months to ensure that the brace meets your needs.

You can wear the brace every day and guess what you’ll be using cane a lot less in fact you may be able to walk without the cane for short distances. You no longer have the fear of falling.

Another great benefit of the Richie Brace is that your ankle is will get stronger despite maybe having screws and a plate inside your ankle, and not having done any exercise except for brief walking.

The Richie Brace is neither flimsy or uncomfortable, and it makes life a lot better. As Dr. Richie is retiring he will not be forgotten by the many patients that wear his braces and the three doctors that will carry on his practice will certainly keep his legacy alive.

I have compared other types of braces, and none can do the job with comfort, and stability of the Richie Brace.

I personally endorse the Richie Brace, and my life has been made much better than the past seven years I suffered.

W. Y.


Subject: Richie Brace - April 19, 2017


Matt was told he would never run again….but about a week after he had worn your brace, he said, “Hey, Mist, watch this….” And he took off RUNNING!! He said he never enjoyed running before his accident but when he was told he’d never be able to anyway, all of a sudden, all he wanted to do was RUN!! (I said it was just to prove to himself that he could, which he did!) Your brace ALLOWED his dream of running to HAPPEN!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, as it truly, like I said, has changed Matt’s life! His quality of life has significantly improved and as for the “hitch in his giddy-up”….it is GONE, thanks to the Dynamic Assist Richie Brace!!!

I hope you are doing GREAT, Dr. Richie!! Thanks again!!

M. N.


Subject: Richie Brace - May 26, 2016

I am writing this testimonial regarding Dr. RICHIE's excellent patented ankle brace. It has made all the difference in my injured foot. It keeps the separating bones in my foot well aligned. One of the very best features besides allowing my foot to heal is how thin it is as it is a complete unit with the orthotic. It fits in all my shoes with no need to buy larger sizes. That is a wonderful feature that anyone who has had someone make a clumsy,  ungainly boot can well appreciate. It has allowed me to hike  and participate in sports as well. A big hurrah to Dr. Richie for his thoughtful invention.


V.  M. 


Patient completes 500 mile hike wearing the Richie Dynamic Assist Brace

Last summer, Dr. Richie's patient, K.M., completed the 500 mile segment of the Camino Frances route of the Camino Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage. This walk takes four weeks to complete and is an accomplished task for only the most hearty and healthy individuals. For Mr. K.M. who suffered a severe nerve injury in his lower leg in a mountain biking accident 4 years ago, completing this hike would have been impossible. He had a paralytic dropfoot deformity which caused him to drag his foot while walking. In Spring, 2013, Mr. K.M. was referred to Dr. Richie who fitted the patient with the Richie Dynamic Assist Brace, which Dr. Richie had designed. The brace immediately transformed Mr. K.M. back to a normal ambulating patient without any weakness or deformity. He set out to complete a long time goal of walking the Camino Francés which stretches 780 km. (nearly 500 miles) from St. Jean-Pied-du-Port near Biarritz in France to Santiago.  Click here to see the full story.


Oct 6, 2014

Between 1996 and 2004, I had both hips and both knees replaced. To aid in my recovering, after my last knee was replaced, I began working with a personal trainer. She quickly observed that my left ankle was considerably pronated and recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Richie who confirmed that I was in need of ORTHOTICS. An X-ray confirmed that I had developing arthritis in my left ankle and these orthotics gave me proper balance and prevented any developing pain. However, in April of 2010, I had a heart valve replacement (at the age of 88) and to recover properly from that, it was recommended that I go to CARDIAC REHAB THREE MORNINGS A WEEK. THE ATTENDANT IMMEDIATELY put me on a treadmill. . . .and after a few weeks, the pounding from the walking began to take its' toll and my ankle started to swell. . .like I had a mini inner tube around my ankle and once again, I had to start using a cane for balance and to minimize the pain. . . . I soon switched to using their recumbent bike (so I could exercise from a sitting position). When I had my regular annual visit with Dr. Richie and complained to him about my painful problem (he chastised me for not coming to him sooner) he said he thought he had something that JUST MIGHT relieve the pain and reduce the swelling. First, I needed to get proper compression hose (great invention) and then, making no promises, he fitted MY LEFT ANKLE with his RICHIE BRACE! Incredible! It worked and within days, the swelling went down and I now walk with no pain and great balance with minimum need for my cane. I am a walking testimonial for the RICHIE BRACE. Whoever thought it would relieve arthritis pain. . . .without pills. P.S. One other recommendation he made. . . .to work with an physical therapist and by accident, I found. . .SUSAN MAIS REQUERJO.. . .who it turns out has consulted with Dr.Richie over the years. Working with her (two days a week) has enhanced the value of wearing his RICHIE BRACE.




January 2, 2014

Dear Dr. Richie,

I am so glad that I made the decision to schedule a consultation with you regarding my case of Posterior Tibial Tendonitis. I have lived with this condition since late 2008. I have to say that when I was first diagnosed with this condition I was told to rest and wear my OTC supports at all times in my tennis shoes and even wear them in the house when walking around. The episode lasted a few weeks and I thought "I'm Ok." I had another flare a year later that lasted almost 2 months. It was very painful but I could still manage to get around inside as long as I was resting my feet quite a bit. The flare ups became more frequent and the duration of pain and immobility longer each time.

In 2013 one day while walking my dog I felt this terrible pain in my right foot. I could hardly walk. I sort of limped home. I had to hire a dog walker for 2 months and pretty much stayed off my feet for that amount of time. I had orthotics made for my shoes and wore the soft braces too but still was having so much pain in both feet if I tried to be on my feet or doing anything like grocery shopping or laundry.

I decided that I better try to find a specialist that had experience with the condition of Posterior Tibial Tendonitis and came highly recommended then arrange for a consultation. Dr. Richie and the Richie brace came up in my google search so I decided to make an appointment for consultation.

I cannot express how thankful I am for finding Dr. Richie and having had the Richie brace (orthotic) custom made for both feet. The results are so beyond what I imagined possible! I can do what I need to do and want to do and basically do it pain free!!!! It is really so incredible to go from a position where mobility is nearly totally impaired due to pain and dysfunction to being mobile and pain free thanks to the braces and orthotics!

I have to wear the Richie braces at least for 6 months though quite honestly should I need to do so for longer I can say without hesitation that would be no problem because I am so grateful for ability to walk without pain and for thus far at least 7 hours/day wearing the combo brace/orthotics) am working my way up to 8 plus hours!

Thank you Dr. Richie for really being able to diagnose and treat the condition my feet are in and for such a wonderful product that actually helps so much to alleviate pain and do what Is necessary to help my severely pronated feet and the injury bilaterally to the posterior tibial tendons. I look forward to continued progress with regard to my condition and also to being mobile every day without pain! Thanks~ infinity!

Sincerely, M.A.


Subject: Posterior Tibial Tendon

On January, 2005 I had been diagnosed with a partial tear of the posterior tibial tendon in my left foot. This had been confirmed by MRI. My only other option was to have surgery. The podiatrist I had been seeing said that possibly the Richie Brace might help so he made the referral. I received the Richie Brace on 2-3-05 and wore it every day for a month. In March I began jogging with the brace and was fitted with custom foot orthotics. I discontinued all use of the Richie Brace by mid-April. In September of 2005 I ran the Maui half marathon finishing in 2:10 and won my age group.

Since that time I have competed in the Utah Senior Games and the National Senior Games in Louisville and San Francisco and have qualified for the 2011 senior games in Houston. The National Senior Games are held every other year and are open to participants over 50 years of age . The age groups are divided into five year age groups. To qualify for the Nationals one has to participate in the State Senior Games and place first or second. I placed second at the National games in Louisville in 2009 in both the 5 and 10K running races and first in San Francisco in 2009 in the 5 and 10K . In October of 2010 I ran the Nike women's half marathon finishing first in my age group.

Running has been an important part of my life. I will always be forever grateful for having used the brace.

Sincerely, W.C.
Laguna Niguel, CA


Subject: Richie Brace

Dear Dr. Richie, On the fifth day (today) I have worn "New Richie Brace" for 8 hours. I had quite a bit of walking to do and my foot feels absolutely wonderful. No numbness in my toe, no pain in my mid-foot, no aching ankle, no pain in the opposing knee, not a single tylenol needed to get through that day. And I have noticed that my gait is more nearly normal - some lengthening of my stride. Better balance. I'm relaxed enough that I no longer need to limp and hold my body and leg straight and stiff to control the impact and pain of my foot hitting the floor - wonder of wonders - even swinging my hips when I walk for the first time in at least 3 years. I did not know that I could still do that!

My husband says I need to write all this to you instead of marveling about it to him - He says my walking would no longer stand out in a group of people.

You have done me an immense favor, my friend. I am ready for the coliseum & Trans-Siberian Orchestra tomorrow night & cooking Christmas dinner for 20 and whatever the Holidays bring.



Subject: Walking in Comfort

To Whom It May Concern:

Dr. Richie and the Richie Brace® saved my ability to walk with comfort. I had a talus fracture, which is the bone above the heel bone, and this ruined my joint underneath the talus bone. I had a great deal of pain and disability doing my routines and had to more or less stop my active athletics except for swimming. I had tried a variety of braces and seen many surgeons for possible corrective surgery and was left with the possibility of pinning my heel bone to the talus bone to improve the pain. Unfortunately, this operation has a significant complication rate and some people do very poorly with it. I continued to look and found Dr. Richie.

Dr. Richie made me a brace that allowed me to use my injured foot in a way that didn't put pressure on the joint that was injured. The Richie Brace® was modified to make it a little stiffer and I have been progressively improving over the five months that I've had the brace. I use it with a low-topped hiking shoe, a medium hiking shoe, and my ability to walk seems almost normal now.

Dr. Richie, I really appreciate your invention and look forward to being your patient for years to come.

Sincerely yours,
Robert Yoho, M. D. Pasadena, CA 


Subject: Another Richie Success Story

Hi Doug,
I wanted to share with you that I believe that my Posterior Tibial Tendon has healed. It was early December 2009 when I was fitted with the Richie Brace®. There has been continuous moderate amounts of pain throughout the months which I treated with rest and 800mg Motrin. 

The breakthrough came several weeks ago, when I used a stiffer more rigid shoe, AKA a low topped steel toe type of work boot, happened to find them in the closet, size 16, had bought for S. (you remember his feet), anyway, have had no pain for several weeks, so switched back to my Rockports. 

It's amazing, but pain is completely gone. The medial malleolus had been very tender, where that tendon goes through those grooves, now with extreme thumb pressure in that area complete absence of pain. Fantastic. Arch still flattens out more than the other foot, but it is what it is. 

Anyhoo, just thought I would report in. I will get over to see you soon. My company is making changes to their Health Care Insurance due to Obamacare rate increases so they are making it more affordable to go with Kaiser. 

See you soon.


From: Mary To: Dr. Richie
Subj: A wearers tips 

Thought you might be interested in a couple of tips I have learned over the years as a Richie wearer: 

1. I use sticky-back velcro squares on the underside tip of the front upper velcro strap to fasten it to the brace to keep the strap from rolling up and sticking to my slacks. It works well & I think it extends the life of the strap. 

2. When riding as a passenger for a long trip, I found that the brace always caused pain in the top of my foot. Finally determined that it was the relaxed position of the foot against the angled floorboard during which the toe naturally points down, so I use a bolster pillow on the car floorboard on which I rest the toes of my braced foot to keep in more in a "standing position". Totally stopped the riding discomfort. 


Dr. Richie,

Sometime during the early 1980's I had back surgery where I had some nerve damage which left the outside of my left leg numb and left me with little control of my left foot. 

Several years later I developed a callus on the bottom and outside of my foot which became very painful to walk on. Even though I saw different doctors and had several kinds of braces and orthotics, the pain was relieved for only short periods of time. My wife suggested that I should go to see Dr. Richie whom she had been going to for some time. I did so without much confidence that the pain problem would be solved. 

When Dr. Richie examined my food, he suggested an ankle brace. After several visits and a few adjustments to the brace, he suggested I have a 1/2 inch wedge inserted into the sole of the shoe. For the past two months, I have been very ecstatic with the brace and the adjustments. I have been walking with virtually no pain.

A very satisfied patient 


Dr. Richie,

I am 70 years old but very active, training and showing my border collies in obedience, agility and herding trials and running a small sheep farm. A teenage accident left me with almost no cartilage in my subtalar and the bone has seriously deteriorated. The pain was so intense, I was close to deciding on the radical surgery of bone fusion and my activities were seriously curtailed. Since I started wearing my Richie Brace all day, every day, the pain reduction has been close to 95% and thoughts of surgery are now shoved in a dark recess. 

It is nothing short of amazing. I am eternally grateful. 

H. P. 


Hello Dr Richie, 

I live in the UK and I have PTTD. Getting this condition treated in the UK is VERY DIFFICULT! 

I have had two Richie Braces so far, fitted by a private podiatrist who is American, and I can report that they are a miracle cure. Thank you! I can ride a bike and my horse again. Whoopee! All I want is another of your wonderful braces! I have several, so I don't have to change the brace from one pair of shoes to another, and I realize that using the brace is going to be a lifetime necessity for me. There has been fantastic improvement that I am sure will deteriorate again if I stop using the brace. 

Also getting an orthotic for the other foot has been difficult. I have one for the PTTD foot as well, but the brace works far better. All praise for Dr Richie!

I look forward to hearing from you  
S. B. 


Dear Dr. Richie: 

This letter is a long time coming, but I wanted to wait and see if this brace really worked as I had hoped it would. 

I met Dr. Richie in October of 2001 when my husband had to have surgery on his foot. I saw a brace in his window case. I asked him about it and he said he could help me.

to go back about 5 years...I fell and split my heel on my left side and tore up my ankle pretty bad. They were able to fix my heel but for some reason my ankle never did heal right and every time I walked, there was a severe pain, so I had a very bad limp. This really made me real depressed sometimes because I show my dogs in competition and you really have to walk and do a little running. I own a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a German Shepherd and my new dog is a Belgian Malinois. This breed is very active and I did my best to keep up with her. But it kept me from doing all the things I really wanted to do well. 

Dr. Richie made a mold and sent it off. In about 4 weeks it came back at first it made my foot hurt worse when I put it on but he worked with it and told me to go home and try it out for a while. I came back in about 3 weeks later and did some more work on it and then when I put it on, it was too loose, so he made another one and this time it worked great. I was getting to the point that nothing was going to work but the doctor said we have to find the right adjustment. Sure enough I left his office and only came back once to show him how it was working. It has now been almost a year, I have gone from limping and taking 5 pain pills a day to hardly any limp and maybe 2 pain pills at the most and that's only when I have been on my feet all day. In fact I can wear my own shoes and no one knows I even have a brace on. I can't wear dressy shoes or sandals with the brace but that is ok. In fact a lot of people noticed that I wasn't limping anymore when I was showing my dogs.

So I have waited to write this letter to be sure it was working in cold weather also. It does, but when it is cold I do have a little limp, but that's in the bone. I can put full weight on it which I could not do before. I showed my Belgian Malinois to her breed Champion. I can run and play with my grandchildren and hike in the mountains like I used to do. I'm 64 years old now; I can do all the things I did before I broke my foot. I can't thank Dr. Richie enough. I sent someone else to him because she had a foot problem that was a little different from mine. I see her at the dog shows and she can't believe it either because of this brace I have my life back the way it was before I broke my heel and when the brace is off, then I'm right back where I was a year ago. And so that brace is everything for me and the one nice thing about it is I don't even know it's on because it is so light weight. Thanks so much to you and the staff for giving me something back that I lost and thought I would never have again. Because surgery was out of the question, they couldn't guarantee that the pain would go away. Sorry it took so long but I had to make sure this wasn't just a dream. 



Dear Dr. Richie: 

I have been treated by my doctor in Ventura, CA for flatfoot and posterior tibial tendonitis since January of this year. I had been in a great deal of pain for approximately two months before I started to see my doctor for help. As a matter of fact, as a 54 year old woman, my feet have given me trouble for many years. 

After several attempts at the uni-boot, and my self-doctoring with ACE bandages, I saw your web site for the Richie Brace. During my next visit to my doctor I told him I wanted one. He said he had prescribed them before with success. One June 14th this year I picked my brace up and my life has changed considerably! Sometimes I even forget that I have a "problem foot"! It seems that each night I reluctantly take the brace off for bed. It gives me so much support and frees me from so much horrible pain and embarrassing limping, that I would wear it even longer hours if possible! (my husband insists I not wear it to bed!) Ha. 

Anyway, I seldom write letters such as this testimonial as I am a consumer that is not easy to please. But in this case, I humbly thank you so very much for devising such an incredible brace that I can wear under my slacks and no one even knows I have it on. 

I am hoping after six months or so I can periodically go without it and wear dresses, shorts and skirts again, as well as a dress shoe! 

Again, thanks so much for this marvelous invention of yours. I wonder how many other folks out there need this, and don't have a clue it's available to them? 

Diane K. 


Dear Dr. Richie: 

The final score of the 9 yr old All-Star St. John team was 28-8. Jim was on 1st, he made many great stops. He slid into home and also on second. This little boy who played baseball in a wheelchair less than 2 1/2 years ago is now running sliding and is truly an All-Star. He was partially amputated on April 7, 1999 and underwent 13 hours of reconstructive surgery at Children's in Chicago. He lost his Achilles and damaged his tibia, due to a wheel of a motorcycle, that was in motion. Initially, he was fitted for an AFO that kept the foot at a certain angle. During this time he went through physical therapy. While in a wheelchair he caught fly balls and tossed them to bases. We pushed him around the field. He then was fitted with another AFO, this time the brace had the ability to move at his ankles so he played on a regular team and became a 1st baseman. This year he was picked for the All-Star team and was fitted with the Richie Brace It took a little time to get used to, but Jim likes it very much, it is lighter, smaller in length and has given way to other muscles to get stronger now that they are in use. 

At today's game, Brian S., Jim's Orthotist was in attendance, he was the one who suggested the brace for Jim. He noticed the difference in Jim's standing and running with the brace on. He had made Jim's AFO's in the past. 

You are truly correct when you said this was a heartwarming story. But I must also add that this is a miracle... Thank you again for your brace and also your input via e-mail. God Bless. 

Diana & Jim M. 


Dr. Richie,

Oh Wow! Since being fitted with the Richie Brace, I am able to walk pain free. I have a long-standing chronic ankle sprain problem. When I had a knee replacement, this chronic ankle problem put extra stress on my new knee when walking, resulting in extra pain. The pain in my knee has been eliminated because my ankle is now stable.



Dr. Richie,

Prior to using the Richie Brace, I spent two years with incapacitating continuous pain. Orthopedic surgeons had recommended an ankle fusion as my only hope, but I did not want to undergo that surgery. Thanks to the Richie Brace, I can walk normally again, with minimal pain.